Blissful Sensations is our small & quirky indie beauty brand.

Handcrafted in small batches, always made with love. 

We believe in using simple yet effective ingredients. 

We specialize in making :
Hair Oils
Body Oils
Salt Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs
Whipped Soap

We also custom make in small quantities artisanal cupcake and doughnut bath fizzies as well as super moisturizing body butters and hair masks.

Our products do not contain harmful chemicals found in many of today's big brand names.  

We use essential oils or aromatic oils as they were once termed.  The use of these oils have been used by many cultures around the world for centuries and their uses varied from religious purposes to healing.

Why did we call our bath & body products  Blissful Sensations?  

Because we put a spoonful of heart into making them, and a mega dash of good vibes!  And that is what's conveyed through our products.  Sure they might not be perfect looking, but life is all about the perfect imperfections!

The sensation people feel after using them is just that; Blissful.



 Custom orders for those special days! ​​

We love creating baskets or boxes for those special occassions

Depending on what you want for that special someone or occasion, we come up with  custom gift boxes or  baskets!

They can include anything from a variety of soy wax melts, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, whipped soaps, hair oils, cupcake bath bombs or doughnut bath bombs.  We even make custom saging sticks if our customers are interested!  

The possibilities are endless! 

Soy Wax Melts & Tarts

We love coming up with and making these babies.  Our customers go crazy over our soy wax melts!

A variety of products

Smoother more moisturized skin

Nourish those luscious locks!

We custom make the perfect 'thank you' gifts for your special day

Soy Wax melts that will leave you melting for more!

Spreading the love and working with other local business owners! 

A daily dose of skin love

  1. Bath Bombs
    Bath Bombs
    A great way to unwind and relax by yourself or with your significant other! Custom made bath bombs that come in two sizes (M, L) and in a variety of aromatherapy blends to suit your needs. Always handmade with love!
  2. Foot Fizzies
    Foot Fizzies
    Made specifically to pamper your footsies. Whether you have tired, sore feet or you just want to let them soak in pure love, we custom make them to suit your needs! Comes in one size S
  3. Bath Truffles
    Bath Truffles
    A bath bomb fused in perfect harmony with a bath melt. Drop one of these in a warm bath, lay back and soak. The Cocoa & Shea butter will leave your skin feeling amazingly smooth and moisturized.
  4. Diabolically Decadent Cupcake Bath Fizzies
    Diabolically Decadent Cupcake Bath Fizzies
    These decadent bath fizzies are double trouble! The frosting is whipped soap which can be used separately after your relaxing bath! Custom made with your choice of aromatherapy blends or fragrance oils. Who said bath time can't be fun?
  5. Different holiday themed bath fizzies
    Different holiday themed bath fizzies
    These are Valentine's Day themed bath & foot fizzies. We cater to our customers needs and have a variety of fun holiday themed moulds that we use to create the perfect gift for you & loved ones.
  6. Stuffy nose? Achy muscles?
    Stuffy nose? Achy muscles?
    If you want bath fizzies that help with sore, achy muscles or you're suffering with a stuffy nose, don't worry we can make the perfect aromatherapy blend that can help you with any ache or pain.
  7. Rustic Rose Bath Fizzies
    Rustic Rose Bath Fizzies
    With real rose petals embedded within the fizzie and rose essential oil, you'll surely be able to relax and see "La vie en Rose"
  8. Rustic Lavender Dreams Bath Fizzie
    Rustic Lavender Dreams Bath Fizzie
    This mildly scented , rustic looking lavender bath fizzie make the perfect addition for a relaxing bath experience.
  1. Managing Director
    Spell Binding Love Butter is another one of our Whipped Soapy Scrubs. Instead of using granulated sugar, we mixed red beans, grounded rice and a pinch of oats. This trio really exfoliates your skin. Cocoa butter, coconut oil and almond oil are there to make your skin feel soft. There's a hint of Vanilla cream & Cocoa Powder, trust us when we say that we've had to warn customers that THIS IS NOT EDIBLE!
  2. sugar scrubs, body scrubs, natural ingredients, natural skincare, indie beauty brand, small beauty brand, handmade in Cyprus, soap scrubs, whipped soap scrubs
    We're always coming up with new ideas on how we can pamper you. We have a variety of scrubs that cater to your exfoliating and moisturizing needs, and we've taken the simple sugar scrub to a whole different level!
  3. Managing Director
    Sugar Scrubs that look good enough to eat! Coconut oil, dark brown sugar, vanilla essence are the stars of this scrub. Topped with a sweet smelling bear shaped soap.
  4. Managing Director
    The inspiration for the name of this soap scrub, was a client who ordered a present for his mom. I asked if it was her birthday? His reply was "No, I just want to give her a present because she's my mom" That for me was beautiful and truly heart warming. A beautiful blend of lavender and rose essential oils, will leave you feeling wrapped in a warm hug.
  5. Managing Director
    With orange scented glaze and a dash of cinnamon these coffee & sugar soap scrubs are great for those pesky problem areas. Coffee is known to reduce the appearance of cellulite! There isn't much lather, but there's a whole lot of scrubby action!
  6. Managing Director
    With cocoa powder and orange scented glaze, these doughnut shaped oat soap scrubs are ideal if you have sensitive skin, but make an ideal scrub! Don't expect too much of a lather, as these are more of a gentle scrub than soap.
  7. Managing Director
    A little goes a long way. This is the perfect combination of a soap sugar scrub bath butter! Your choice of aromatherapy blends or fragrance oils. One thing is for sure, once you lather up, you'll never want to get out of the shower! You have been warned
  8. Managing Director
    This decadent scrub is topped with a vanilla cream cookie and a cinnabon inspired cuppy cake. Grounded oats, rice and red beans exfoliate your skin, while the coconut oil will leave it nice and smooth. The smell of chocolate and cinnabon will surely linger longer after you finished treating yourself with this Whipped Soap!
  9. whipped soap, soft scrub, sugar scrub, apple spice, fall scents, fall products
    With wonderful smells of apple spice and chocolate, this scrub uses soft dark brown sugar and coconut oil that leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. It's feels like taking a bath in cake batter!
  10. Managing Director
    Sprinkled with love, this sweet delight is scented in passion fruit and amber. Coconut oil is blended with almond oil to leave your skin smooth. It's guaranteed that you won't be using this whipped soap only once. A little goes a long way.
  11. Managing Director
    Vanilla is the star of this soft scrub! Just add a little to your sponge and not only will this scrub exfoliate your skin, the coconut and sweet almond oil will leave it nice and smooth.
  1. Managing Director
    Come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. A moisturizing blend of Cocoa & Shea butters, these leave your skin feeling smooth and soft and are great to use during the harsh winter months!
  2. Managing Director
    A mix of grounded coffee, cinnamon powder and cocoa butter to name a few, these bars are meant to reduce the appearance of cellulite. To be used with the Coffee infused coconut oil, which leaves your skin feeling smoother.
  3. Managing Director
    The perfect combo of shea butter, cocoa butter, orange and cinnamon, these lotion bars leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Perfect for those upcoming chilly nights.

 Once you have received your products always store in a cool dry place and use the amount needed.  Keep containers away from water, as this introduces microbes into your product.  

During the summer months, certain products must be refrigerated.  

Products specifically made for you, can not be used on children, as the dosage of essential oils is measured for an adult.

Always conduct an allergy test, whether using handmade products or any products!  Just because it's a big brand name, doesn't mean you won't run the risk of an allergic reaction to their products.

My take on doughnuts  & coffee cake soap   
When your soap smells amazing & your dad asks if they are edible! 
I try to find inspiration in many places.  But one place I do find it is food.  In this video, I show the finished product.  I made doughnut-shaped oat sugar scrub soap and coffee cake scrub soap.  The house smelled absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, and my dad thought they were edible!  No worries, he didn't bite into them, but I'm sure if I wasn't there to beat him off with the broom he would've tried!