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Welcome to our video section!

These videos are just an insight into my world.  Some videos I talk about certain natural remedies I use, and from that the products I make using more natural, chemical free products.  
Very simple, nothing fancy, just a casual talk. 

Keep an eye out, as I have a few very exciting projects in the works!

New video on YouTube!
  Check out a quick and easy homemade hair oil to take with you to the beach!  
Exciting new projects
A few changes are happening with Sensations of Nature
A few changes are being made here at Sensations.  Without change we can't grow!  Have a massive project in the works, and I'll definitely be getting out of my comfort zone. 
Mock Video of projects to come
Remembering those exciting projects
This video was shot up in Nisou village in Cyprus and it gives you a little taste of what's to come for Sensations of Nature.  We want to start off small and then take on the world!  Let's just say that it won't be boring.  
In the meantime take a look at my sister and I walking around in Nisou and make sure you have your volume up!

Let's talk about cellulite!

In this short video, I talk about the dreaded C word... Cellulite! But in all honesty, don't feel bad about those dimples!  Many of us have it, and there are more natural ways to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Making our Sugar coffee bar scrubs

Well the previous video talked about the causes of cellulite and some ways to help reduce the appearance of it.  
In this video, I'm making our sugar coffee bar scrubs, and towards the end of the video, you get to see what they looked like. 
These cuties would be used with the anti cellulite latte conditioner, which is coconut oil infused with coffee.  In all honesty they smell amazing!  

The reason why I used....

This video explains why I used specific ingredients in making our Sugar coffee bar scrubs.  And a little review about trying some left over Anti cellulite latte conditioner... I constantly use the word
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G... Please don't count the amount of times I used it! 
Turmeric & Oat facial scrub
Throwback to my first ever video!  
Here I created a facial scrub bar using oats and turmeric. Two incredible ingredients that will leave your skin feeling great.

Oats: is suitable for all skin types and has anti inflammatory properties. It soothes irritation. 
It contains saponins, which is a cleansing agent. It helps remove dirt from your skins pores.
Treats acne and eczema.

Turmeric: has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help fight pimples and breakouts.
Helps reduce  oil secretion by the sebaceous glands.

Hot oil hair mask
This mask is great for dry, damaged hair.  It should be done once every week.  
I talk about the ingredients I use in this natural hair mask, and why it's beneficial for dry & damaged hair.  
Why I use lotion bars

I have dry skin, I won't lie, and the fact that I live in Cyprus doesn't help the matter.  For years I was using commercial lotions to make up for this tiny problem, only to notice that they didn't work. 
So finally, I decided to research and make my own lotion bars, which I started selling and they turned out to be a big hit with my clients!  
Here I explain what butters I use and why they are beneficial.  Make sure to stop by my natural remedies page as I have a section of exotic butters which explains their benefits.  This way, when you decide to start making your own homemade products, you can choose what butters would benefit your skin. 

Who doesn't like mini road trips?
A refreshing morning spent up at the Herb Garden
If you're ever in Paphos, Cyprus, I highly recommend taking a trip to Pano Akourdaleia and stopping by The Herb Garden.  Here you can lazily walk around the beautiful garden and see a variety of herbs grown.  Visit the apothecary and have a chat with resident herbalist Caroline Evans of Heaven on Earth Herbals, mother to the Herb Garden.  She has an array of herbal remedies available for purchase.  And make sure to stop, relax and have your choice of herbal refreshments at the coffee shop, while looking over the garden and listening to nature fly by.
The 'Feel Good' 

The 'Feel Good' project came about as I was in the changing rooms at the gym.
I was speaking to a lady, and we were talking about things that made us feel good, and how we cope with negative thoughts and emotions that some time creep up on us.  
Once I got home, I thought about what we said and came up with the 'Feel Good' Project.  
Not only will I be talking about different topics that you might relate to, but I'll also be asking others by conducting mini interviews about how they deal with certain issues. 
Make sure to check it out!  
Easy homemade hair rinse

Our hair suffers from all the chemicals present in our shampoos and styling products.  Take a look at the benefits of Rosemary & Apple Cider Vinegar and how to make this easy homemade natural hair rinse.