About me
"A bit of a dreamer, a wanderer, a Gypsy at heart"
      I'm quirky, sensitive, and sometimes stubborn!  I'll even admit, at times I can be irrational, but I'll blame that on the phases of the moon & the people that bring it out of me.  
I'll also admit that I talk to myself and crack a few inappropriate jokes, which in turn makes me laugh out of the blue! (a few people have experienced the phenomena). 
    In my quest to lead a healthier, chem-free life, I have been making my handmade products.  
    Through this blog, I'll be sharing with you my research on an array of topics regarding health & beauty.  I'll shine a light on what chemicals are present in most of the mainstream bath and beauty products and how they affect our health in the long run. 
I'll also share how I make my products and the struggles that come with making some of my handmade products. Let's face it, sometimes it can go horribly wrong!
On a more personal note, I'll share my journey through life, the lessons learned and my outlook on things.
    I hope you enjoy my blog (here I go again with advertising) and if you haven't checked it out yet, my website as a whole!

         In much love & light angels x

The purpose of this blog is to share with you my research on remedies, thoughts, projects, experiments, experiences, and information as I attempt to improve and lead a healthier more natural & chemical-free lifestyle and through this  process try to help those  who are in search of a similar lifestyle                              
Always do your own research and never use the information found on this blog, as an alternative to seeking advice from a medical professional.                                                                                          My aim is to simply help share information that is based on research, and bring awareness not only to what goes INTO our bodies, but what goes ON IT.